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Setting up a

If are thinking of setting up a charitable trust to comply with recent changes in charities legislation, you are not alone.  Many clubs are doing the same and we can help you with the process.

There are several parties that you will need to deal with along the way:
· Your club
· The charities commission
· Incorporated Societies
· Inland Revenue
· Your club's bank

We have developed a straightforward summary which details the steps you need to take when dealing with each of these parties. This is based on the experience of our club, which did this last year.  Please contact me and I can send this to you.

There are 2 documents that you will need to use:
1. Charitable Trust Deed template
2. Standard Lions Club Constitution (latest version)

These are both templates that are simple to fill out.  They have been approved by Lions, the Charities Commission, Incorporated Societies and Inland Revenue.  Using these documents will streamline the process and ensure that we all operate by the same rules and stand together. I can send these to you as well.

So please don't be afraid or confused by the process.  I am happy to come and talk to your board or club about it if needed.  We are here to help!!

Stephen Barr

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