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Marketing and Promotion

Lions is the largest hunamitarian and service organisation in the world. To keep up the great work Lions do, we need to grow our clubs and members.

Word of Mouth
The best way to grow membership is by Lions talking to other people about what we do. Bring friends along to service/social activities and other functions. Invite them to tea meetings. If you are excited about being a Lions, it will rub off and others will want to feel that way too. Everyone has a little helper in them that wants to do good in the world. Let's be contagious and spread the kindness. Invite them become part of the largest humanitarian and service organisation in the world.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is a modern way to promote. Together with Expose Yourself Digital Marketing, we are running a marketing campaign to tell our story to the public.
How exactly does this work?
We are placing Displays/Monitors at venues that attract public. These venues are called Hosts. Ideal venues are:
  • Hair Dressers / Barbers
  • Cafe's and Resaurants
  • Fitness Studios / Gym's
  • Doctors / Dentists / Physio / Chiropractors
  • Any kind of waiting room
  • Businesses that attract a lot of customers a day
All equipment is provided and there is not cost to the Host other than internat access and power to run the Display and controller.

How do we use this network of Displays to promote Lions?
The idea is to show content of what the local Lions Clubs are doing in their towns. We use similar slides to the one shown above. We have slides with contact details of the clubs in the area so that interested people know who to contact.

Social Media
Nearly everyone has some kind of social platform that they a part of. It is a no-brainer for Lions to have an active presence on these platforms as well. Let your readers know what exciting things you are doing in your communities.
We are encouraging all our clubs to have a Social Media page and like eachothers pages. By doing so, we get to grow the network and clubs can stay updated with what is happening in our District 202D. Click "HERE" to see a list of clubs and zones with active Facebook pages.

Here are some documents that might be of help to you.

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