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A significant milestone was achieved this week with Lions My Health Check moving from the planning stage to a tentative toe in the water with a test run at the recent Rongotea Lions BBQ.  The debut was very successful but more about that in a minute…

The Core Committee has been an excellent example of how committees should work.  Each of the members have a wide range of skills, knowledge of their communities and a willingness to carry out any task that is assigned to them.  Under the leadership of Warren Nicholls it has been a thrilling ride that bodes well for the future of the project.

The committee has achieved a number of milestones:

  • The Caravan has received an electrification certificate, registration and a WoF.
  • Outdoor furniture and fittings have been donated, begged, borrowed and purchased to provide a welcoming outside space for the participants. The Gazebo is on loan from Mitre 10 Feilding an excellent example of community involvement.
  • District 202D Cabinet have agreed to provide the necessary umbrella organisation under their trust and using a bank account established under their control.
  • Meetings are minuted and provide a summary of decisions made and any action items that have been assigned or completed.
  • FUNDING – always a nightmare on any project.  We have been blessed by four clubs in the zone who have contributed $5,000 and this has been matched by the Lloyd Morgan Charitable Trust.
  • All forms, brochures and information sheets have been reprinted to represent Lions involvement in the service
  • Currently we are using local club banners and signs but specific My Health Check signs have been ordered.
  • Still arranged a suitable itinerary despite the cancellation of many events that the team were counting on to make an impact.
  • Establish documentation and checklists to ensure we offer a consistent service.
  • The committee took on the role of running the service as a test and to ensure they have a good understanding of what is required.
The Rongotea Experience

Warren thought the day was over before he got out of his driveway.  One of the tyres on the caravan punctured, as you would expect from our friend called Murphy, it was in a difficult situation, unable to be moved and all calls for help were to answer phones!   
The cavalry in the form of Lions committee members and the AA got the caravan mobile again.

The event was the Rongotea Lions BBQ and some 15 members were co-opted to be our guinea pigs.  
Dr. Warren reported he was happy with how the session went.  His only problem was getting the participants to stop talking.

Some of the comments received from participants were:

The Rongotea 'training run' was a great success. Fifteen Rongotea Lion club members offered themselves as guinea pigs for the Glob Team.

The results were very interesting, Even though this was a very small cohort( due to arriving an hour and a half late due to the puncture) the data obtained by the Glob team is a very valuable insight into the health of our farming community.The data collected shows us:

  • The average age is 60-69. Ages varied from 40  to 80+ years.
  • All had a GP and all had been seen by their GP within the last 2 years.
  • Most were farmer owners. One was an engineer, one a builder, one a “dogs body” and one a wood turner.
  • Two were retired.
  • The majority were NZ European. One was Pacific Island and one Latin American.
  • The average BMI was 33.
  • BPs varied form 178/80 to 120/70.
  • All club members were in the” green zone” of the mental health questionaire.Several were under work stress but none reported any significant mental health issues.
  • One club member presented with episodic left chest pain associated with  an irregular pulse. He was instructed to see his GP ASAP.
  • Two other members were instructed to see their GP for high BP.
Dean Williamson from Global HQ who donated the caravan attended to see how we went.  His comments were “Well done on your great work yesterday. It was awesome to see the Glob back in action”
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